Sports and events coverage

Need a Sports Team Physiotherapist or Sporting Event covered in Belmore? Providing your team the best opportunity to win by helping keep players injury-free.

Sports and events coverage

About the service

Ground Up Physiotherapy can help educate and empower team members on how to stay strong throughout the season to minimise the risk of injuries to your players. We provide injury assessment and management during sporting events, games and training sessions. We can also prioritise bookings and treatment for players on your team.

Ground Up Physio Sports Events & Teams Coverage includes:

  1. Game and training day management which includes strapping, injury assessment and rehabilitation advice.
  2. Ongoing care of players who are injured with on-field return to sports programming.
  3. Consultations between staff, coaches and players regarding injury progression and expectation.
  4. Assisting staff in organising physical and mental preparation drills for players ahead of games.

Our treatments include:

  1. Strapping.
  2. Mobility and muscle activation exercises.
  3. Warm-up drills to enhance physical preparation.

With Sports events, teams and coverage we can help with:

  1. Improved player readiness in the lead-up of a game.
  2. Return players to playing after an injury with confidence.
  3. Quick and responsive management of injuries when they occur.
  4. Streamline communication between players and staff regarding readiness to return to play.

With Ground Up Physio you can be assured your team will have physiotherapy management on game day, efficient communication between players & staff concerning player injury and progress, get priority bookings for physiotherapy treatment in the clinic plus your players will stay involved with their respective team's modified activities during injury management.