Injury Pre-screening

Looking for Injury Pre-Screening in Belmore? Don't let injury stop you from playing the sport you love. Know how to fix it and stay playing pain-free.

Injury Pre-screening

About the service

Ground Up Physio's Injury pre-screening is a systematic process used to assess an individual's risk of sustaining injuries while participating in sports or physical activity. It involves gathering relevant information about an individual's medical history, current health status, physical condition, and previous injury history to identify potential risk factors and tailor injury prevention strategies according to each person's needs. We will conduct a thorough assessment of your strength and mobility that could be leading to your injury and provide an individualised management plan to help you move stronger than before.

What To Expect?

A Baseline assessment will be conducted to review any significant discrepancies between limbs that can lead to injury. You will then be educated on how to address these deficit findings. Our lead Physiotherapist Kevin Vuong will tailor an Individualised program to help reduce discrepancies.

Our Injury Pre-screening will help reduce the risk of sustaining injuries in your daily sports and physical activities, plus improve your knowledge of how to self-manage your body and enhance your sporting performance.

Injury Pre-Screening includes the following:

  1. Assessment of your medical history. This includes information about past medical conditions, surgeries, illnesses, and medications that may impact your ability to participate in physical activity safely.
  2. Assessment of your current health status, including any ongoing medical issues, symptoms, or limitations that may affect your ability to engage in physical activity without risk of injury.
  3. A basic physical examination may be conducted to assess general health indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, flexibility, strength, and joint mobility.
  4. Gathering information about previous injuries, their nature, severity, and any residual impairments or functional limitations resulting from those injuries. Knowledge of your previous injury history can provide valuable insights into potential areas of vulnerability and inform injury prevention strategies.
  5. Biomechanical Assessment. Evaluation of movement patterns, muscle imbalances, postural alignment, and biomechanical factors that may predispose an individual to injury. This may involve functional movement screenings, gait analysis, or specific assessments related to your sport or activity.
  6. Risk Factor Identification. Based on the information gathered through pre-screening, potential risk factors for injury are identified, such as muscle weaknesses, joint instability, poor flexibility, inadequate conditioning, or technique errors.

Based on the assessment findings, personalised injury prevention recommendations are provided to address identified risk factors and enhance safety and performance. These recommendations may include corrective exercises, strength and conditioning programs, flexibility training, technique modifications, equipment adjustments, or referral to other healthcare professionals as needed.

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