Sports Physio & Massage Therapy in Belmore

Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and skills on how to manage your body so you move and perform at your best.

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Why us?

Welcome to Ground Up Physiotherapy

At Ground Up Physiotherapy, we stand out because we set out to understand your story and dedicate your session only to you! We don’t believe in seeing multiple people in the same time slot. This gives us the opportunity to deliver a program that fits your unique needs 

We don’t only specialise in injury rehabilitation, but we also focus on sports development and performance. Being situated in a well-equipped gym facility, this allows us to take your experience to another level. 


What we believe at Ground Up Physio


Committed to providing guidance and support through your journey to health.

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 Helping you grow through your knowledge and physical strength.

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From developing genuine relationships to providing physiotherapy services, we hold high standards to make your experience memorable.

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Our Process

We follow a process at Ground up that looks like this and is best suited to help you preform at your best

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Step 1

Review + Respond

An individualised and thorough assessment will be conducted to address your pain. We’ll look at your mobility and strength restrictions in order to identify the causes of your pain. 
At the end of your review, you’ll understand:
- WHAT is causing your pain 
- WHY your pain was initially caused
- HOW long it’ll take to recover from and the process to restore and revive  

Step 2

Relieve + Rebuild

Rebuilding your body takes time and knowledge. Using a combination of various hands-on techniques and active movements, we aim to help you relieve your symptoms first.  You will then start to rebuild your movement patterns and gradually return to the activities that you once avoided and found aggravating.

Step 3

Restore + Perform

You are built by movement. The more you can move, the more memories and experiences you can create. We want to make lasting changes so you can improve your overall well-being and get back to what you love doing! 

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